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Welcome to CartoonMuse, the official “front door” of the Australian Cartoon Museum Magazine. Cartoonmuse is about the passion of cartoons, comics and animation..

Has over 3 million Cartoons and wants to tell and share our Australian Story. The ACM has done all the research now it is up to you to benefit by reading and understanding who we are , where we came from and hopefully by this experience will influence where we are going.

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Welcome to ToonTalk.Show, the official YouTube Channel for The Australian Cartoon Museum. ToonTalk is about the passion of cartoons, comics and animation.

Cartoon Blog


Cartoonmuse The Official Blog for The Australian Cartoon Museum & Home to the Dailies a roundup of the days political and editorial cartoons, presented in a unique form.



Vision coming soon, drawn from the Museum’s collection of cartoons, the exhibitions will feature cartoons from yesteryear to the present, providing a series of themed online exhibitions of historical and current events and personalities from Australian history.


The Australian Cartoon Gallery & Museum’s primary mission is to develop a comprehensive research collection documenting Australian printed cartoon art, to organise the materials, and to provide access to these resources.